NetSetGo Session Plans 2022

Train at Home

See the links below for some training activities you can do at home or at the courts. Remember to always warm-up, stretch, and be aware of your surroundings.

Warm Up

Passing and Catching

Agility and Ball Work

Back to Basics

Defensive Movement


Coaching Tips

Coaching can be a very rewarding volunteer role. To be a confident netball coach here are a few tips.

Tip 1 – Get accredited and maintain your learning as a coach

Netball Australia Offers the Coaches Foundations program. It is online, so you are able to complete this in your own time the cost is $70. It offers coaches valuable tips and tricks on coaching the fundamentals of netball.  Below is a link to Netball Australia’s Coaching framework.

There are also many external coaching resources that are available to netball coaches below is a few that coaches within the club utilise for your reference.

Tip 2 – Teach your players to be safe on the court.

The Netball Australia knee program should be incorporated into all training sessions.  

The KNEE Program is an on-court warm-up program designed to enhance movement efficiency and prevent injury. The program targets three specific player groups, junior, recreational and elite level athletes, with different exercises tailored to match the predicted capabilities of each group. The KNEE Program has been designed to educate athletes, coaches and support staff. You can find a link to the knee program below.

Tip 3 – Plan ahead.

Spend some time thinking through your session plans. All session plans should contain a warm up/stretch, agility, skills, game-based situations and a cool down. Below are some session plan ideas.

Coaching Points:

5-7 session:

8-10 session:

Tip 4 – Utilise your Manager.

The role of the manager is to liaise with the parents so you to focus on the players.

Allow them to communicate training and game times to parents and coordinate any absences for you.

Be available for the parents to discuss player needs but best to keep this to after training.

Tip 5 – Leverage other coaches.

Seeking insights and opinions for other coaches is a great way to diversify your coaching and allow you to deal with sometimes difficult decisions.

There will always be times when difficult decisions need to be made leveraging other coaches helps you navigate through these issues with much more certainty.

One of the key challenges often facing junior coaches is training their own children. This can be a challenge but also a great time to bond. Seeking external feedback as a coach on all players assists you in balancing out your views on development opportunities for all players and giving players feedback that is factual and in their best interests to develop as a player.

Mascot Netball has a private coaches chat room to assist coaches in sharing and communicating. Just pop onto Facebook and search “Mascot Netball Club Coaches group” and request access.

Tip 6 – Enjoy the experience

You have a big responsibility in coaching a group of players and you will invest a lot of time into it so make sure that you are enjoying the experience as much as the girls.

And always remember the Mascot Netball – Player, Coaches and Officials code of conduct