Frequently Asked Questions


When does the Registration process commence and finish?

Register Online for the 2024 Winter season via PlayHQ opens on 2nd January and closes Friday 23rd February 2024

How do I Register?

In order to register yourself or a family member, an Account with PlayHQ will need to be created.

If you are a parent, you will need to choose too either:

  • register yourself and then add family members to your account, OR
  • allow your child to create their own PlayHQ Account and register themselves

The simplest way is to: – use this link to our club’s Registration Page, open the link to the Registration Form that applies to you or your child and select “Get Started”

Links to online Register forms

Click Register Here to be taken to our registration links and select the registration form that applies to you or your child.

How much does it cost to register?

2024 FEES

  • NetSetGO (7,8,9 years) – $250
  • Juniors (10 – 15 years) – $280
  • Intermediates (ages 16, 17 and 18 years; OR 14 and 15 years wishing to play in the Intermediates) – $280
  • Seniors  (open age +18 years, OR 14, 15, 16 and 17 wishing to play in the Seniors) – $290

For a full breakup of the fees paid, see fee structure

[Note – PlayHQ has introduced an option called “Pay in 4”, where using PayPal, you can pay your fees in four fortnightly instalments, rather than one full payment]

Registration Day Details for 2024 Season

We are holding a Registration Day on Saturday 24th February – 9.00am -11.30am – South Sydney Graphic Arts Club Mascot – where you can register with help from a committee member. It will also be an opportunity to try on uniforms and purchase merchandise.

What is my age group?

What is an Active Kids Voucher?

Mascot Netball Club is an approved provider for the “Active Kids Vouchers” and the new “Active and Creative Kids Vouchers” which parents can claim. Only one voucher can be used per registration

Make sure you have your Voucher Reference Number (16 digits) before you commence your registration process on PlayHQ

To obtain more information about the new “Active and Creative Kids Vouchers” go to the Active Kids Program at Service NSW

I have 3 children playing for Mascot

If you have 3 children (under 18 yrs or students) playing for the Mascot Netball Club, you are entitled to a registration discount for that 3rd child.

Please send an email to the Treasurer with your details to

Refunds and Withdrawals

The fees are made up of 4  components – Netball Australia, Netball NSW, Randwick Netball Association and Mascot Netball Club, see fee structure

Netball Australia and Netball NSW fees may not be non-refundable, depending on when you withdraw.

Randwick Association may take out a $20 admin fee depending on when you withdraw.

Mascot Netball Club can take out up to $85 from your refund, for the administration of your registration already undertaken and for the ‘knock-on’ effects that complicate the team structures within that age group.

No part of the $50 Active Kids Voucher can make up part of your refund.

After the competition commences and if you have played a game, there will be no refunds of any of the amounts paid.


What is NetSetGO?

NetSetGO is Netball Australia’s junior entry netball program for ages between 5 to 10. It had been developed to provide children with the best possible learning and playing experience to develop a positive introduction to netball.

The program consists of three tiers – ‘Net’, ‘Set’ and ‘Go’.


Net – Activity/Skills  ages 5 to 7

  • Organised by Randwick Netball Association, 10 week skills and activity program usually on Tuesday afternoons at 4pm
  • Cost approximately $120
  • This option is a non-competitive and your daughter will not be playing in a team for the Mascot Netball Club, or wearing a uniform
  • Contact the Randwick Netball Association for more details

Set – modified competition ages 7 to 9

  • Playing in modified competitions on Saturday mornings in a Team with Mascot Netball Club
  • Wearing a netball uniform
  • The girls have a coach and are part of a team, and they really enjoy the experience of being there each Saturday in their uniforms, playing other teams in their uniforms, and being part of a club with players of all ages
  • Commencing 4th May with 14 rounds of competition
  • Cost $250
  • Will be required to train one afternoon/evening a week
  • Link Register Here

Go – Junior competition age 9 playing up in the 10’s

  • Playing in formal competitions on Saturday mornings under International Rules, in a Team with Mascot Netball Club
  • Wearing a netball uniform
  • Commencing 4th May with 14 rounds of competition
  • Will be required to train one afternoon/evening a week
  • 9 years old will need to choose between “NetSetGO” or “Juniors”, if they have not played netball before, then NetSetGO is recommended as their entry-level.


What are the Competition Dates?

First game – Round 1 – Saturday 4th May 2024

Where are the games played?

All games are played at Heffron Park Netball Court, Fitzgerald Ave Maroubra

What Time do I play?

These are the 2023 times, and can only be used as a guide

NSG 7 & 8 Years :  8am or 9am

NSG 8 & 9 Years:  9am or 10am

10 Years:  8am

11 Years:  9am

12 Years:  10am

13 Years:  11am

14 Years:  11am or 12noon

15 Years:  12noon

Intermediates and A1: 1.15pm

All other Senior teams:  2.30pm or 3.45pm

When and where is Training?

The day and time of training is a decision totally based on the availability of the coach who volunteers to coach your daughter’s team.

The coach may, at their discretion, ask parents for their preferred days/times, but this is their choice.

Training will be at Heffron Park

You will not know specifics about training days/times until early April

When will I know what team I have been placed in?

Not until after the Grading process has taken place for the Junior Players

When will I know who my coach is?

Once teams have been finalised, volunteer coaches will need to be sourced – by April.

Grading & placement into teams

What is Grading?

The aim of Grading is to form teams in an age group that have a balanced group of players with comparable skills and similar abilities across all playing positions. There are many aspects taken into consideration such as player experience, ability, fitness, attitude, and playing positions.

The player’s trialing and team selections are selected based on the player’s performance at the trials, together with last year’s feedback from 2023 coaches.

Do I have to attend Grading?

All 10,11,12 & Years players are required to attend grading. Players 14 & 15 Years are required to attend grading if they wish to be selected into the TOP GRADED TEAMS

Sunday 10/3/2024 – (9.00am – 3.00pm) Perry Park Alexandria – more details to follow

What if I am unable to attend Grading??

If a player is unable to attend grading please send an email to the club, outlining the reason for the non-attendance and your expectations relating to grading.

For example, outline if you think the player has the ability to play in the top two teams in the age group, or if you are happy to be graded into a similar team as last year.

I attended Grading and missed out on being selected in the ‘Top graded teams’

If you attend Grading and are not selected in the ‘Top graded teams’ you will not be automatically placed into the next team. You will be placed back into the pool of players in your age group and placed in a team based on previous years’ information and coaches’ feedback.

Can I play up in a higher age group?

Yes. A player may request to play in a higher age group, however, the final decision to do so will be made by the Grading Committee and Registrar based on team numbers.

Click the box “Play in a higher group” on the registration form.

On occasions, players may be requested by the Club to play in a higher age group. This will only occur when the required numbers for a team are not reached.

Can I play with my friends?

Juniors (10, 11,12 & 13 years) – No, you cannot request to play with friends. As a result of the grading process, if you and your friends have similar skills and abilities, you may be placed in the same team.

Juniors (14 & 15 years) – No, you cannot request to play with your friends. The ‘Top graded teams’ in each age will be selected as a result of Grading; the remaining teams will be selected for those players who choose not to Grade

NetSetGO,  Intermediates, and  Seniors – Yes. Make an appropriate note in the “Team Request” field on the online Registration Form.

Can I form my own Team?

Junior Teams ( 10, 11, 12 & 13 years ) – No. Teams will be selected based on Grading and you will be placed in teams with similar skills, abilities, and attitudes.

Juniors (14 & 15 years ) – No. The ‘top graded teams’ will be selected based on Grading. Those who do not attend Grading will be placed in teams based on previous years’ information and coaches’ feedback.

NetSetGO, Intermediates and  Seniors – Yes. Make an appropriate note in the “Team Request” field on the online Registration Form.

Uniforms & Merchandise

We will have several opportunities to try on and purchase uniforms before the season starts – Sunday 10th March and Saturday 6th April

How & where can I buy a Uniform and other Merchandise?

We will have several opportunities to try on and purchase uniforms before the season starts – The first date is Sunday 10th March – grading day Perry Park

What is the playing uniform?

All players are required to wear the Mascot Netball Club Uniform on competition days. The playing uniform consists of any combination of the Dress or a Short sleeve or Long sleeve Velcro Playing Top with Shorts or tights (and socks)

Visit our Uniform/Merchandise page

What is the merchandise?

Our Merchandise range is gear that can be purchased separately through the club. For players and supporters – we also have sweatshirts, track pants, caps, beanies and spray jackets

Visit our Uniform/Merchandise page