Frequently Asked Questions


Registrations open on 4 January 2021 and closes on 5 February 2021; and are performed via an online process on Mynetball.

You will need a Mynetball ID number and a password to register online. Your registration login will either be your ID number (7 digits) OR your email address.

If you do not have a Mynetball ID, you will be able to create one as you the commence registration process.

Click Register Here to be taken to our registration links.

We are holding a Registration Day on Saturday 6 February at the South Sydney Graphic Arts Club from 9.00am to 12.00pm where you can register with help from a committee member.
It will also be an opportunity to buy merchandise (include playing uniforms).

The Mynetball accounts are administrated by Netball NSW, not the Mascot Netball Club, thus we cannot unlock your account. You will to go to the Login page (Mynetball) and enter ID number, then click on “Forgotten your Password”.

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You will then receive an email from Netball NSW asking you to follow the link in the email to create a new Password.

Mascot Netball Club is an approved provider for the $100 Active Kids Rebate which parents can claim from 1 January 2021.

Make sure you have your Active Kids Rebate Voucher Reference Number (16 digits) before you commence your registration process on Mynetball.

To obtain the rebate and get your voucher number, go to Active Kids Program at Services NSW and review this instructional video.

If you have 3 children (under 18 yrs or students) playing for the Mascot Netball Club, you are entitled to a registration discount for that 3rd child.

Please send an email to the Treasurer with your details to


NetSetGo is Netball Australia’s junior entry netball program for ages between 5 to 10. It had been developed to provide children with the best possible learning and playing experience to develop a positive introduction to netball.

The program consists of three tiers – ‘Net’, ‘Set’ and ‘Go’.

  • Organised by Randwick Netball Association, 10 week skills and activity program on Tuesday afternoons at 4pm
  • Commencing April/May
  • Cost approximately $100
  • This option is a non-competitive and your daughter will not be playing in a Team for the Mascot Netball Club, or wearing a uniform
  • Contact the Randwick Netball Association for more details

  • Playing in modified competition on Saturday mornings in a Team with Mascot Netball Club
  • Wearing a netball uniform
  • The girls have a coach and are part of a team, and they really enjoy the experience of being there each Saturdays in their uniforms, playing other teams in their uniforms and being part of a club with players of all ages
  • Commencing 24 April with 14 rounds of competition and one carnival, finishing 28 August
  • Cost $195
  • Will be required to train one afternoon/evening a week
  • Link Register Here

  • Playing in formal competition on Saturday mornings under International Rules, in a Team with Mascot Netball Club
  • Wearing a netball uniform
  • Commencing 24 April with 14 rounds of competition, plus Semi Finals and Finals, finishing 11 September
  • Cost $260
  • Will be required to train one afternoon/evening a week
  • 9 years old will need to choose between “Set” and “Go”, if they have not played netball before, then “Set” is recommended as their entry level.
  • Link Register Here

The Competition & My Team

All games are played at Heffron Park Netball Court, Fitzgerald Ave Maroubra

These are the 2020 times, and can only be used as a guide, the formal drawn, including times, will not be available until early April 2021

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  • The day and time of training is a decision totally based on the availability of the coach who volunteers’ to coach your daughter’s team.
  • The coach may, at their discretion, ask parents for their preferred days/times, but this is their choice.
  • Training will be at Heffron Park
  • You will not know specifics about training day/times until late March/early April

Not until after the grading process has taken place for the junior players – by the first week of March.

Once teams have been finalised, volunteer coaches will need to be sourced – by late March.

Grading & placement into teams

The aim of Grading is to form teams in an age group which have a balanced group of players with comparable skills and similar ability across all playing positions. There are many aspects taken into consideration such as player experience, ability, fitness, attitude and playing positions.

The players trialling and team selections be selected based on player’s performance at the trials, together with last year’s feedback from 2020 coaches.

At Heffron Park Netball Courts, Fitzgerald Ave, Maroubra

  • Saturday 13 February
  • Specific times for age groups to be advised
  • Back up days in case of bad weather: Februay17 and 18 (afternoons)

If a player is unable to attend grading please send an email to the club, outlining the reason for the non-attendance and your expectations relating to grading.

For example, outline if you think the player has the ability to play in top two teams in her age group, or alternatively, if you are happy for her to be graded into a similar team as last year.

If you attend Grading and are not selected in the ‘top 2 teams’ (top 16 players), you will not be automatically placed into the 3rd team. You will be placed back into the pool of players in your age group and placed in a team based on previous years’ information and coaches feedback.

Yes. A player may request to play in a higher age group, however, the final decision to do so will be made by the Grading Committee and Registrar based on team numbers.

Click the box "Play in a higher group" on the registration form.

On occasions, players may be requested by the Club to play in a higher age group. This will only occur when the required numbers for a team are not reached.


Juniors (10 years)No, you cannot request to play with friends. As a result of the grading process if you and your friends have similar skills and ability, you may be placed in the same team.

Juniors (11 to 15 years) – No, you cannot request to play with you friends. The ‘top 2 teams’ in each age will be selected as a result of Grading; the remaining teams will be selected for those players who choose not to Grade

NetSetGO   Intermediates   and   SeniorsYes. Make an appropriate note in the “Team Placement” field on the online Registration Form.

Junior Teams (10 years) - No. Teams will be selected based on Grading and you will be placed in teams with similar skills, ability and attitude.

Juniors (11 to 15 years) – No. The ‘top 2 teams’ will be selected based on Grading. Those who do not attend Grading be placed in teams based on previous years’ information and coaches feedback.

NetSetGO   Intermediates   and   SeniorsYes. Make an appropriate note in the “Team Placement” field on the online Registration Form.


In Person

  • Registration Day – 6 February – South Sydney Graphic Arts Club, Mascot
  • Grading Day – 13 February - Heffron Park
  • At the club tent at Heffron Park on Saturdays